Phenomenal Customer Service

“Hello There’ My intent with this email is to let all of you know that Paige has done a phenomenal job. She called me just a few moments ago to let me know that my replacement glasses were about to be shipped, and verified the address and all that routine stuff. What means the most is that she called me fully aware of the issues we have personally had with the pair of glasses we had. She was friendly and professional as she suggested any and every possible reason why we have had the problems we had. I FINALLY feel confident that we will receive a fully charged/functional pair of glasses that will not fail us in the moment of utmost importance (as others had)and that they will perform as expected throughout their expected lifetime. we are business owners as well and realize that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of each and every business. “Paige is your key in my opinion.” Thank you, Lisa M. Kennedy

Harding University Public Safety utilizes the Phazzer video Eyeware

“Harding University Public Safety utilizes the Phazzer video eyewear for force on force simulation training. The eyewear has been an invaluable addition to our weapons training. It allows us to evaluate what our officers see during training, to help our training staff better prepare officers for potentially violent encounters. The Phazzer eyewear system is an inexpensive investment for officer safety.” Thanks, Karen Davis Asst. Director Harding University Security & Public Safety Department

Fugitive Recovery Agent

The phazzer design goes above and beyond any of their competition from the three finger grip to the ambidextrous light design. The first time I took mine in the field I did not turn my streamlight on one time due to how bright the light is on the phazzer. Unlike most other products I would recommend this to any of my friends in our profession because of the durability and knowing that when the moment comes when I need my phazzer it will not fail me and above all there is not another company with the customer service phazzer has.

Yellow Blast Doors

These cartridges are all you need to get the job done, any longer and you are going to sacrifice accuracy. The guys at phazzer really take pride in there work, even after the transaction was done and they received there money, they continued to help me and answer my questions. Most company’s forget about you after they get what they want “money”. Phazzer has a lifetime customer here, as i am very pleased with all there products and service. If you want quality at a very reasonable price, phazzer is where its at.

Fits and works perfectly with X26

I received this product fairly quickly after having ordered it. Once in my possession I check to see if it fit properly in my Taser X26 (as they should be compatible with one another) and it sure enough did. Then I decided that I wanted to try it out and see what getting tased feels like, that way I could better determine how effective of a defensive weapon it can be. I attached the probes to my back (clipped to a t-shirt), one at my left shoulder and one under my right buttock. I had my roomate activate the taser for roushly 1 second. It is a VERY effective tool, I immediately dropped to my knees and seized up. It was not at all painful, just very immobilizing and uncomfortable. I could not move and I focused on my breathing and heart rate, neither of which seemed in any way affected by the tasing I was receiving. After it was over I got up and removed the prongs to discover 2 tiny burn marks at the locations they were placed. Other than that I was fine and this product allowed me to fully understand how a taser works and better judge it’s useability in situations.

25ft cartridges

These are the best cartridges on the market. The extra range sure does make a difference. If you are law enforcement you are going to want to stock up on these bad boys, when a suspect is running from you every foot counts right.

Phazzer Enforcer Amazing!

I received the enforcer today and I am absolutely surprised how well it performs. As a certified user with the Taser x26, I was a bit hesitant when purchasing this product, but after extensive research I decided to go with it. Upon review of the device I fell in love with the over all feel in my hand. The three point grip really allows the user for better handling vs the Tasers x26 2 finger grip. I fired a training cartridge today and as expected there was no recoil, or any problems with it. The holster that comes with it is great for general duty however in my line of work and I’m sure law enforcement personel can relate, a more reliable duty holster would be the best choice and phazzer does offer additional holster options which I will definitely take advantage of. One of the better features of this device is the fact that it’s rechargeable. Unlike the taser x26 model which requires replacement of the battery upon depletion, Phazzer enforcer does not. This is a feature that I actively enjoyed. Another awesome and unique taste that the enforcer brings to the market is the different types of ammunition cartridges. I Belive this factor would greatly benefit security and law enforcement personel with tons of non lethal mechanics. The price is great for the features it has, however there are other authorized dealers out there which may provide a better deal. Overall if you are interested in the purchase of a reliable, comfortable and affordable CEW, the phazzer enforcer is the way to go.


The Phazzer Enforcer is a top knotch weapon. I highly recommend purchasing one.

Love it!

I order a Phazzer instead of the Tazer. I did for two reason the price and the LED that is included on the phazzer. I have had my phazzer for about 3 weeks now. and I love it. I have used it on several pickups and am very pleased with it. As a bail agent I use it a lot. You won’t be disappointed with it.

Pepper Ball

Ok now this product is my favorite pepper product of ALL. Now I have experience in MANY different pepper sprays and guns of all sorts and I have now found the BEST of all. If you want to shoot up to 30 feet in range and completely impair a suspects vision and breathing then you have found the right cartridge for you. Now order them up because I promise you will be more then satisfied, again thank you PHAZZER for your amazing products.