Review: Law Enforcement

Review: I have to say that the PhaZZer Enforcer is hands down the best CEW I have ever had the pleasure to use!! I have 20 years experience in Military Police and Civilian Police and this Enforcer has personally stopped numerous situations from escalating into deadly force!! The Pepper Blast Cartridge was deployed into a 10×15 room and successfully incapacitated 3 suspects wanted for some serious crimes and all 3 were taken into custody without a single shot fired even though they had 5 weapons within reach!! Based on my experience, had we not had the Enforcer with its capabilities of deploying the Pepper Blast there would have no doubt been casualties, both bad guys and Officers!! I would and have recommended this to every Law Enforcement officer I come in contact with!!! Also, I have deployed every type cartridge except the paint marker and I have had no failure to deploy and they all have worked extremely well!! Thank you to the inventors of this fantastic non lethal weapon and keep up the great work!!