Remarkable Product

Just recently, I purchased two PhaZZer units to incorporate into my departments use of force program. After user review of the units, I am happy to rate it a 5 Star product. The advanced ergonomic features, Safety Shut-Down Circuit Technology, Integrated Sight Laser/160 Lumen LED Light (with option of activation), and a variety of ammunition choices, along with PERFORMANCE totally sold me on the product. I just recently deployed the PhaZZer while attempting to arrest an intoxicated disruptive suspect and totally neutralized the suspect with one full operational cycle. As a result, the suspect was safely restrained and taken into custody eliminating injury risks and unwarranted liability issues to both officer’s and suspect alike. The unit is very solidly built and has better features coupled with solid performance than any other CEW competitor on the market today for 25%-35% of its competitors price. If your department is researching to incorporate a CEW into their use of force program I would highly recommend PhaZZer as your number one choice.