Police Officer

I purchased the Phazzer LE unit to use as a police officer after my Taser X-26 battery was too low to use. I watched the videos and saw another local officer with the Phazzer and he rated it highly over the Taser unit. I am sold on the Phazzer unit for several reasons. The light is much brighter, the laser is on-point, the battery is replaceable and rechargeable versus spending $50 several times yearly for a new battery and the unit is built more solid than the Taser. It feels better in my hand, sorta like a Glock does, IMO. I’ve deployed the Phazzer on several combative actors whom reacted the same way as the Taser deployment. 2 got stunned and 2 complied when the unit was deployed without a cartridge. A number of officers asked to see the Phazzer and said they’d love to switch because of the light and the battery alone. The overall price and the money saved on batteries were selling points. The only concern the officers had was Taser’s lengthy reputation and documentation in the LE field versus Phazzer. It would be beneficial for a Phazzer representative to give an introduction to our local departments. I know the unit is built better, more user friendly and has enhanced features than the Taser I currently own. I’ve shelved that unit because the battery was less than 15% and I pay out of pocket for replacements. Great product.