Phazzer Training Recommendation – Emailed

I had the opportunity to take the instructor certification through Phazzer with my agency manager. I have been teaching for over 20 years as active duty military and private security. Anytime I get the chance to experience and expand my knowledge base, I jump at it. Phazzer and their trainers are a Class Act and extremely experienced in the arena of Conductive Energy Weapons and the application of use of force for Law Enforcement, Security and the Private sector. Phazzer is clearly making an impact on the industry with their technologies and designs with us in mind so that we can be more effective and keep officers safe. Having “Taken the Ride” I feel more confident in knowing what the capabilities are of the tool called Phazzer Enforcer that rests on my belt as a less lethal option for me to utilize while on duty. On behalf of Amerisafety and myself, I thank you for your dedication and professionalism in all you do. I am a better Instructor and a more effective protector on the streets because of your efforts.