PhaZZer® – Exciting and Superior Taser® Alternative

I have been a huge fan of Taser® for a long time, so after reading about PhaZZer®, I was intrigued and decided to order. After a carefully objective analysis of the Enforcer versus the X26 I have summarized my findings. – Grip. My main issue with the X26 was solved the moment I picked up the Enforcer. It just feels better in my hands…period. -Ammo Selection. The options you have for various cartridges make this an extremely versatile choice for personal defense. AND..all cartridges are interchangeable and work in a Taser® as well?? Awesome. -Battery. The Enforcer is rechargeable and I don’t have to monitor the battery life indicator because it doesn’t need one. -Price. Why spend 30%+ or more on an inferior product?