Phazzer Enforcer more Versatility than the Taser x26

Thought I would share another wonderful experience I recently had using the Phazzar Enforcer and again the Pepper Powder Cartridge. June 5th, 2013; My partner and I had to execute a warrant on a known drug dealer who was believed to be in the area of Moreland Avenue in Atlanta Georgia, after a few hours of speaking with the prostitutes and drug users on the street we were able to determine that are subject was indeed staying in the general vicinity and known to be driving a maroon Honda Accord. We were told that he was always armed and a very violent person so we both knew that we had to keep our guard up no matter what. Around 2:30 a.m. the morning of June 6th, 2013 the subject had pulled up to the Wendys Parking lot to make a drug deal, when we told him to see his hands he proceeded to take off in the vehicle, we both got into our vehicle and pursued the car. After about a 10 mile pursuit we were getting close to a populated area and knew that if we got there we would have to end the pursuit so no innocent citizens would possible be injured. At that time I made the decision to take out my lead cartridge and insert the pepper powder cartridge, we pulled along side the vehicle and I pointed my laser inside at him directly on his temple and released the cartridge. Both him and his passenger immediately grabbed their faces and it was apparent that they were having difficulty seeing as well as breathing. The two subjects in the vehicle started coughing heavily and could no longer see. The vehicle came to a stop and the driver was trying to reach for his pistol which we later discovered was in the center console but due to his vision being impaired he could not seem to reach it in time. We were able to subdue both subjects and found out that the other subject in the vehicle also had an active warrant. This is the second experience I have had using the Phazzer Enforcer and I must say the ability to choose between cartridges for a certain situation is an awesome feature. My partner and I firmly believe that if we did not have the Phazzer Enforcer that our subject would have got away that night and even if we did get him to stop the vehicle he would have been able to reach for his pistol; I do not want to speculate on what could have happened at the moment if we would have not deployed the pepper cartridge. Thank you again ! ! !