Phazzer Enforcer Amazing!

I received the enforcer today and I am absolutely surprised how well it performs. As a certified user with the Taser x26, I was a bit hesitant when purchasing this product, but after extensive research I decided to go with it. Upon review of the device I fell in love with the over all feel in my hand. The three point grip really allows the user for better handling vs the Tasers x26 2 finger grip. I fired a training cartridge today and as expected there was no recoil, or any problems with it. The holster that comes with it is great for general duty however in my line of work and I’m sure law enforcement personel can relate, a more reliable duty holster would be the best choice and phazzer does offer additional holster options which I will definitely take advantage of. One of the better features of this device is the fact that it’s rechargeable. Unlike the taser x26 model which requires replacement of the battery upon depletion, Phazzer enforcer does not. This is a feature that I actively enjoyed. Another awesome and unique taste that the enforcer brings to the market is the different types of ammunition cartridges. I Belive this factor would greatly benefit security and law enforcement personel with tons of non lethal mechanics. The price is great for the features it has, however there are other authorized dealers out there which may provide a better deal. Overall if you are interested in the purchase of a reliable, comfortable and affordable CEW, the phazzer enforcer is the way to go.