LVL3 Commissioned Officer

I’ve had the Phazzer Enforcer for about a Month now and love it, though have a few things I’d like to see in later models. I would like to see the edges of the frame a little more streamlined and less blocky. It tends to get hung up on the muzzle when placing it back in the holster in a hurry. Perhaps having the square cartridge meet up with the upper and lower end of the muzzle, which wouldn’t allow any hang up. I love the feel and length of the grips, but one thing makes me worried. The plastic pin protecting the charging port can be easily broken off in an altercation. Would like to see this replaced with a rubber nipple that wraps down from the grips. If the plastic pin were to snap, it would break inside the port and be a big problem trying to dig out the pieces. I would also like to see a bit more weather proofing. As you know, being out in the field we’re subjected to all forms of weather and environments. Even in the summer time we might get surprised by a sudden sprinkler or end up wrestling near a gutter. All and all I’ve had to rely on The Enforcer several times, and has yet to fail in visual intimidation. The all around design is not only comfortable but light, and the choices in cartridges is a great way to stay versatile for whatever situation is needed. The fact that this tool is also rechargeable is a dream come true to those that purchase back up bat’s for emergency. Just plug it in when the light turns red and let it charge over night, done and done. Been waiting for a unit like this for a long time, thank you for answering the call of demand. Officer S. Hoffman F.A.S.T Fresno CA.