Fits and works perfectly with X26

I received this product fairly quickly after having ordered it. Once in my possession I check to see if it fit properly in my Taser X26 (as they should be compatible with one another) and it sure enough did. Then I decided that I wanted to try it out and see what getting tased feels like, that way I could better determine how effective of a defensive weapon it can be. I attached the probes to my back (clipped to a t-shirt), one at my left shoulder and one under my right buttock. I had my roomate activate the taser for roushly 1 second. It is a VERY effective tool, I immediately dropped to my knees and seized up. It was not at all painful, just very immobilizing and uncomfortable. I could not move and I focused on my breathing and heart rate, neither of which seemed in any way affected by the tasing I was receiving. After it was over I got up and removed the prongs to discover 2 tiny burn marks at the locations they were placed. Other than that I was fine and this product allowed me to fully understand how a taser works and better judge it’s useability in situations.