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PhaZZer IP, LLC. Launches Licensed U.S. Suppliers in Competition to Axon Enterprises, Inc. (AAXN) Single Shot, Cartridges

OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PhaZZer IP, LLC. (“PhaZZer IP”) has terminated its exclusive intellectual property licensing agreement with PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. for PhaZZer® brand products related to PhaZZer Electronics importation, manufacture, sale, and distribution in the United States.  PhaZZer IP has elected to move forward with executing intellectual property Agreements with four NEW licensed suppliers in the United States on a non-exclusive basis.  These NEW Licensees will be fully authorized to use PhaZZer IP’s intellectual property to design, develop, manufacture, import, distribute and market PhaZZer® products, including the new, redesigned, single shot cartridges under the PhaZZer® brand.  These newly designed Dart Cartridges, which debut this week, were designed in response to what appears to be Axon’s shift away from supporting the TASER single shot CEW’s. 

PhaZZer IP’s new licenses specifically include the ALL NEW (Patent Pending) PhaZZer® ammunition DART cartridges for functional use and compatibility with current, single shot, CEWs including the PhaZZer® and TASER® Brand industry standard single shot devices; specifically, the TASER X26P, X26E, X26C and M26 Weapons.  Please note, only Authorized Licensees contracted with PhaZZer IP are permitted to supply these products under the PhaZZer® brand.  All authorized suppliers will maintain the PhaZZer® Official Seal indicated on their Website and any unauthorized licensees will not be supported.