PhaZZer 8' Pepper Powder Cartridge - Pink Blast Doors
PhaZZer 8' Pepper Powder Cartridge Compatible also with Taser® X26®, Taser M26®, and Taser M18®

PhaZZer 8' Pepper Powder Cartridge - Pink Blast Doors

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All PhaZZer Cartridges fit universally with both the PhaZZer Dragon and the PhaZZer Enforcer CEW unit. It will effectively disperse in a expanding cloud form, blanketing an area up to 8 feet temporarily impairing eyesight and normal breathing.

PhaZZer Pepper Cartridges help to meet potentially dangerous situations with a non-lethal solution and provides law enforcement with an alternative compared to more substantial means of force. The Pepperball® projectile is also ideally suited for multi-target or riot situations where they may be skipped off the pavement to quickly create an intense barrier cloud of PhaZZer Pepper Powder irritant.

  • Accurate on multiple targets within 8 feet.
  • Pepper Powder is effective on a single perpetrator or a multitude of targets at max distance of 8 feet.
  • Widely used fast effect on the human body without adverse side effects.
  • Only irritates human eyes, upper respiratory tract and skin. Victims can recover in approximately 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Non-flammable and non- combustible.
  • Natural chili ingredients that have low environmental impact and do not corrode metals.
  • (O.C. Powder) contains Natural Pepper Powder mixed 30% NONIVAMIDE (95% purity).

PhaZZer ammunition cartridges are also compatible with certain TASER® brands; specifically the TASER® X26 and M26 Electronic Control Devices (ECDs).

PhaZZer offers a one year replacement warranty from purchase date and 5 year guarantee date of production on all ammunition cartridges in the case it is defective for any reason. The production date is identified in the serial number located on the bottom of each cartridge. PhaZZer suggests that potential customers check with country, state, and local laws pertaining to possession and usage of CEWs.

Min order 2pcs.