PhaZZer 30' Rubber Ball Cartridge - Black Blast Doors
PhaZZer 30' Rubber Ball Cartridge Compatible with Taser® X26 and M26 CEWs.

PhaZZer 30' Rubber Ball Cartridge - Black Blast Doors

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PhaZZer 30 Foot (Black) Rubber Impact Round Ammunition Cartridges

It can be accurately fired to a maximum distance of 30 feet; temporarily distracting or subduing the target without penetrating skin. The Impact Round travels at 155 feet per second and intended to cause pain to help subdue an assailant and not cause any type of permanent damage.
PhaZZer Ammunition Cartridges are universal loads with all PhaZZer CEWs including the Enforcer CEW and Dragon CEW. All PhaZZer cartridges are a single shot application meaning you fire each round one time, similar to a single bullet.  

All PhaZZer Electronic Dart Pro Ammunition options are considered Less-Lethal and contain a compressed nitrogen propulsion system.  PhaZZer CEWs and cartridges are classified as a Non-Firearm Ammunition by the United States (DOJ) Dept of Justice and (ATF) Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

PhaZZer ammunition cartridges are also compatible with certain TASER® brands; specifically the TASER® X26 and M26 Electronic Control Devices (ECDs).

PhaZZer offers a one year replacement warranty from purchase date and 5 year guarantee date of production on all ammunition cartridges in the case it is defective for any reason. The production date is identified in the serial number located on the bottom of each cartridge. PhaZZer suggests that potential customers check with country, state, and local laws pertaining to possession and usage of CEWs.

Min order 2pcs.