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Phazzer Wins big with the USPTO! 1 step closer from defeating Taser!

The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejects all 18 claims of AXON Enterprises, Inc. (AAXN) United States Patent 7,234,262 for obviousness and prior art that was missed during the 1st reexamination. 

Phazzer Enforcer CEW Black

Less Lethal Weapons

The Phazzer line of less lethal CEW's vary from personal to professional use. The Phazzer Dragon and Scorpion are great for personal self defense. The Phazzer Enforcer is designed for Law Enforcement, Private Security and Military organizations.

Phazzer Cartridges

Phazzer has developed a wide range of ammo for the Phazzer Enforcer, Taser X26 and the X26P. We offer 15', 21' and 25' dart pro cartridge. We also offer pepper powder, pepper ball and training clips. Be sure to ask about our new line of Live Training Ammo.

Phazzer Holsters

Phazzer offers many different holster types to fit your Enforcer needs. We offer the Blade Tech Level 2 Retention Duty Holsters left hand and right hand as many other holsters. We now offer an ambidextrous Blade Tech Level 2 Retention Duty Holster.

Phazzer Training

Phazzer offers many different training options for the Enforcer CEW. We offer Senior instructor, new user, transition user and re certification classes. Our Master instructors will work with each student to assure their completion of the course.

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